I am running for the Maverick Party in Calgary Heritage. My concern for the future of the West drove me to become involved. The Maverick Party platform resonated with me. I, too, feel it is time for Western Canada to get a fair deal. 

I have worked in the oil and gas industry for many years and taught part-time at MRU. As a geologist I am passionate about the environment and have seen that our industry operates under the strictest environmental controls of any country. I have spent time both in the office and in the field.

Our children and grandchildren deserve the right to thrive and prosper and to develop our vast resources without fear of onerous governmental hurdles and policies which stop our forward motion. We are a tough and resourceful people and we need to be able to show our strengths.

Politics is a new field for me. I am running because I do not see a clear path to Western success under either of Canada’s two main parties. Continued policy making that favors Eastern Canada while being a detriment to Western Canada must be stopped. We need voices who will speak only for the West.